Palestine 2012

The last few days in the Middle East have testified to the terrible atrocities man can commit against man. By contrast to the ugliness, I thought I would share some beautiful images I captured during my time there. Beauty and truth endure.

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4 Responses to Palestine 2012

  1. Kashif says:


    I have just stumbled across your blog and I would just like to say you write beautifully and with great human depth.

    I would make more in depth responses to each of your post but I am constrained by time and lethargy. But rest assured I will be reading.

    You should raise your profile because I feel you have the talent to make a great writer.

    Also it heartens me that a diamond can be found in the shit heap that is alum rock.

  2. RE Alum Rock, if you live here you will know that someone was stabbed to death only yesterday. The place is full of takeaways, women’s clothes shops and police cordons!

    • Kashif says:

      I luckily escaped I now live in foreign climes but I will be back in the Rock for Christmas and I keep abreast of the happenings through my family.

      I genuinely mean you should consider writing as a career, submit your articles.

      You may want to start of the Muslim writers award but I believe they have changed their name to British writers award and moved to “that London” but it’s a good place.

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